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HIV Life Cycle – animated and narrated [video] (vimeo.com)
284 points by jb1991 28 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments

Is there a word for feeling fascination and discomfort at the same time? These little molecular machines are so sinister.

I had the same question. "Morbid wonder" .. I don't know what's apt, but it's truly a strange feeling. Also looking at all the wiggly proteins all somehow working together making us "us" .. while watching it is strange too.

I mean, the tense and sinister-sounding violin music helps with that feeling as well.

I was so engrossed in the animation that I didn't notice the music.

Yet the music made me feel so uncomfortable..

I completely believe in evolution ........ but sometimes I find myself wondering how did evolution allow for something so intentionally diabolical to come around at the MOLECULAR level.

Yeah, it can produce highly sophisticated and intricate systems that can be scary

Is there a collection of videos like this anywhere online? Or what would be a good search term?

I feel like I see a video like this once a year. There's got to be hundreds of them showing different molecular or biological interactions

Several universities and organizations have labs dedicated to producing these kind of videos, but 12 years ago the BBC made a good documentary aimed at a general audience on how adenoviruses attack a human and how the body defends against it.



Well, for starters this author of this video has a channel:


And the channel is amazing. Really interesting to watch.

You have to look up Drew Berry, a lot of his work is here: https://youtube.com/@wehimovies?si=aQeGjTfRxbhgITk8

I found a playlist of how to make these kind of animation, taught by the author.


3blue1brown made also great tools for math visualizations, his work is so impactful in the educational YouTube domain.

Did I miss something or this infographic missed on how the viral receptors are placed on the envelope.

They aren’t viral receptors, it’s that HIV evolved to bind to a natural receptor that was already there.


I was wondering this too

The music (by Joshua Roman) for this video is truly wonderful.

Wonderful and just in a right place..

Reminds me of scavenger’s reign

It was like a horror movie to watch

... that music though ...

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