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I don't really think that tone is needed here on HN. Matt does bring up a valid point. Ability to concentrate will be a differentiating factor in an information age defined by the ability to create efficiently.

I think the tone is just a reaction (and an appropriate one, at that) to the hyperbole in the title. Just saying "the title is a bit of a hyperbole" would actually make for a worse comment.

Its not appropriate here. Snarky/sarcastic comments just encourage more of the same, which degrades the conversation. Also, its not really a comment on the subject of the article (which has something useful to say), but on the headline (which is poor).

Appropriate for Reddit/Slashdot, not HN.

Sarcasm is one of the most sophisticated modes of communication. Sanctimony is not.

Matt does not bring up a valid point, there has always been ways for people to distract themselves. The ability to concentrate has always been important. If you can't concentrate it will be very hard if not impossible to learn. Discipline is the key here, the discipline to turn off distractions. Turn off distractions wether it be notifications, games, reddit, HN, etc. Notifications are not ground breaking or required. Wordpress notification cannot destroyed the world. You can turn them off.

I'm glad that he's actually thinking about this stuff versus pure profit.

I agree- we need more thought leaders with integrity. The scoreboard in the valley these days is skewing towards MAUs / DAUs & valuation.

"Impact" is getting polluted with vanity metrics and wealth.

I know the valley loves the idea of "changing the world" and some companies really are - but I agree that a lot of startups are focusing on the easy bandwagon trends rather than focusing on solving truly difficult problems.

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