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"Future anthropologists might conclude that, via the Sun, the people who called themselves Americans worshiped War and Baseball."

It may not be via the sun but I'm afraid for those of us looking in from outside the fishbowl, the vast majority of Americans indeed worship War and Baseball.


For those of us looking in, we already have a game called football, so s/Baseball/American Football/

Fair point. I debated using that phrase to be more technically correct. I opted for brevity at the expense of accuracy.

You were still perfectly correct. The name of the sport is "football." If you call it an apple and they say, "no, it's a green apple," then you're not wrong; they're just pedantic.

For "those of us looking in" (see parent^5, which this thread is about) it's not just pedantry but a necessary distinction. Although your game's True Name might very well be "football", to all of the rest of us "football" means Association Football (soccer). If you say "football", we'll instinctively think "soccer".

Every. Single. Time.

Sometime's we'll double-take, realise it's an American talking, and they probably actually mean "American Football". But it's not what we think of first, and if we're not sure if it's an American speaking (like you can't on the internet) then it may well not occur to us.

2 more parents up, the topic is about what Americans worship. The context made it obvious which was being referred to.

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