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If everything is the same every year, though,

> Future anthropologists might conclude that, via the Sun, the people who called themselves Americans worshiped War and Baseball.

doesn't seem entirely implausible to me. (Of course, the anthropologists would be in error, it's just vaguely reasonable if you haven't seen anything else.)

"For 2012 they fall on May 29th, and July 12th" and "These two days happen to correspond with Memorial Day and Baseball's All Star break".

More mystic crap. Memorial Day in 2012 is May 28, not May 29 and the MLB All Star Break beings July 9. Neil deGrasse Tyson shouldn't even write like this, getting drawn into mystical interpretations, even in jest, just reinforces the idea that it's worth thinking about crap like that.

Believing in mysticism might be crap, but it's certainly worth thinking about. Anthropological study of belief is highly valid and valuable. Even in jest.

I'm pretty sure this is an article that has been updated for years. It probably fell perfectly on those dates early in the series, then the deviations weren't enough to sacrifice the humor later on.

Memorial Day observed is on the 28th. Actual memorial day is on the 29th according to my calendar.

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