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Some would argue that the smear campaign has worked on you in exactly the way it was intended.

So then the question is, how can we tell what is a smear campaign, and what isn't?

Personally, I don't care overly much, as I care more about wikileaks than about Assange. However, I realise that many people will not be able to separate the two.

This story ( http://liberalconspiracy.org/2011/03/01/assange-goes-off-dee... ) - I read the original print copy, is what convinced me Assange at least seems to be becoming unstable (perhaps understandable), as I generally trust Private Eye (which is a British political magazine).

He comes off rather poorly in Bill Keller's account of Wikileaks' dealings with the NYTimes as well.

Can I moot that argument by being on the record as finding him disagreeable long before the rape accusation?

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