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Lenovo Develops Slider Keyboards for Tablets (maindevice.com)
18 points by SorinaB 2000 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

Someone trying to build something new rather than just aping the iPhone. More please.

We'll definitely keep you posted with more news as we get them!

I think it would be cool if they could attach a full size keyboard to the tablet. Maybe on a hinge or something...

Why don't you choose the Asus Transformer for that? :)

This looks cool, but they have a massive problem: nobody wants to learn how to use a keyboard again. The only people they are going to be able to sell this to are a few geeks. The general public will find the idea of a keyboard you can't see too scary.

But keys you can't tell apart (i.e., touchscreen keyboards) have become widely accepted. I don't think people are so resistant to change - you just have to make it worth their while.

That might be true, indeed, but if they sell it as an accessory, then you give consumers the freedom to choose it or not.

This is pretty interesting. Definitely useful for the tablet. You can hold the tablet up and type. Hope they go through with it to build it.

I hope to as well, but taking it with a grain of salt...It's interesting that Razor still keeps the Fiona project concept on the website.

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