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I think this can be applied to students as well(or at least I've applied similar principles to my academic success.)

I would go further and say this can be applied for just about anything.

The availability of information via the Internet is a huge enabler of the "I take myself too seriously" condition. In the old days, you'd have to spend a lot of money and time on books and magazines to get the types of information to get the types of minutiae knowledge to get obsessive about golf, photography, coding, whatever.

I see a lot of means-end inversion going on with people who take themselves too seriously. For example, I'm a photography hobbyist, and in a lot of camera forums, you find plenty of photography buffs who have essentially become camera buffs who seem to spend more time on camera specifications more than the act of photography itself. Quite often, you'll see hobbyists who have more stringent camera requirements than actual working pros. Mind boggling.

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