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Anyone know of a high traffic CDN?
3 points by true_religion 2066 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments
My startup site is seeing a huge spike in traffic, and currently does about 140Mbits a second and rising worth of traffic.

Are there any CDNs that can not only handle this, but do so at an affordable price? Akamai is too pricey so its out.

I know about:

NetDNA Choopa

CloudFlare is a very nice service for that. As an example you can read that blog post: http://blog.cloudflare.com/moog-music-staying-online-when-go...

Any idea what CloudFlare's pricing is for high traffic?

I don't think they'd let me stay on their stated $20/month plan.

Just checking the blog post, they only pushed 182GB total.

We run 1.75TB per day!

Edit: Checked it out, they go as low as 0.03/GB which might be feasible.

CloudFlare doesn't charge for bandwidth. Your bandwidth levels not an issue. Check out their network graph to see current stats: http://www.cloudflare.com/network-map

Oh no doubt their network as a whole can handle it, but I honestly doubt they'd let that much bandwidth go for $20 a month. They would be losing money with me as a client, and the moment I'm no longer worth the publicity or good will they'd cut me to balance their books.

I prefer the safety of knowing that my interests and my CDNs interests are aligned.

CloudFlare you get what you pay for. You'll see a pretty high rate of origin pull, which is a metric most people don't look at when comparing CDNs. (i.e. out of every 1000 requests do they refetch from you 1 time or 600 times?)

It might even be disingenuous to call CloudFlare a CDN at all. They are really a web application firewall and app delivery service.

You can set up custom caching rules with longer cache TTLs if you want to minimize origin pulls. Use Page Rules or the Cache TTL from the CloudFlare settings page.

My comparisions, in case anyone ends up in my predicament and searches up on this:


- Price under NDA


- 0.18/cents public price. Private price under NDA.


- 0.5 cents/GB


- 0.12/GB to 10TB

- 0.08/GB from 40TB

- 0.06/GB from 100TB


- 0.05/GB from 5TB - 0.04/GB from 30TB Voxel.net

- $0.10/GB to 50TB - $0.07/GB to 500TB - $0.05/GB and up


- Starts at 0.04/GB


- 0.05/GB through 0.03/GB depending on package

I'm going to test out ValueCDN, Voxel, Constant and Highwinds. May the best CDN win.

We use Cotendo and CDNetworks. Both work, and your 140Mbps is /nothing/ to either. Can't share pricing, I'm afraid. Non-JIT contracts are probably your enemy here, though - there'll be minimum term lengths for most CDNs.

Cotendo is Akamai. They were acquired.

Don't know about the pricing but EdgeCast Networks (http://www.edgecast.com/) powers Imgur.

Have you looked into S3/Cloudfront?


Cloudfront's pricing is complicated and a touch higher than I'd like.

They may or may not have a good network, but I think all CDNs pretty much have comparable networks

We can handle this easily at fastly.com. You can also reach us in #fastly on irc.freenode.net if you have any questions.

http://www.cachefly.com/ should suit the bill.

Cachefly prices at $0.20/GB at Platinum which is 2 cents more than Akamai's baseline price.

To compare Netdna pricing starts at 0.06/GB so that level and below is what I consider affordable.

MaxCDN.com or CloudCache.com... MaxCDN powers site like Mashable and TechCrunch.

MaxCDN is NetDNA. MaxCDN is their label for lower-traffic sites.


Just checked, CloudCache is a NetDNA brand too. For anything higher than their max plan, they refer you back to the parent company.

I'm a Solution Architect at Akamai, and we can definitely help you out. PM me if you want to chat.

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