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It seems unlikely to me that scribd are actually looking for a solution to this problem, or an isomorphic one. Have you any basis for thinking that?

There are many standard approaches to the general class of two player board games (they are clearly aware of these, with an alpha-beta based bot).

I would guess that what is going to differentiate winners from losers in this specific game are the exact specifics of the setup. So if they are looking for a solution to an isomorphic problem, it must be a very similar problem - as the general type of challenge is well understood.

It just looks like a neat game to me; I doubt its a cleverly disguised problem from 'social reading and publishing' that they are trying to get a cheap solution to..?

I'm with you. It just looks like a lot of fun. My ten year old is really interested in just playing for the sake of play. So we will!

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