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Aramaic original New Testament theory (wikipedia.org)
10 points by teleforce 55 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

I took a bible analysis class in HS/early university, where we broke down the theorized gospel sources.

Piercing the illusion appealed to me, tearing apart the sacred to reveal its mundane origins.

Getting older, the sacred is breathing life back into the mundane. It's incredible that people have carried this message of compassion, love, and sacrifice through thousands of years.

Yup, I took a Biblical Hermeneutics class last year and the level of agreement between modern texts and archeological evidence staggered me. Really opened my eyes to how God has preserved His Word throughout the centuries.

Peter Williams has some well presented evidence on how the NT (or at least relevant parts) had to originally be in Greek. Namely how things like the alliteration in the beatitudes could not have ended up like they did going from Aramaic to Greek by coincidence.

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