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drumdance 700 days ago | link | parent

Adam Corolla does great interviews. He's often caricatured as a wannabe fratboy douchebag, but he's very intelligent and insightful -- not to mention very funny.

His podcast is great because there's no hard time limit, so he often has a guest take you through their entire life story.

mixmastamyk 700 days ago | link

I like him and his show, but there have been more than a few instances when corolla just won't shut up. A few guests I was really hoping to hear from have gotten about four sentences in edgewise. When he's taking the interview seriously he does a good job.


dfc 700 days ago | link

I have to admit I was surprised to see Carolla mentioned in a discussion of Gross, Rose and Russert. I would like to check him out. Nothing jumped out at me after cursory review of his recent episodes. Can you give me any pointers/recommendations for a good interview to listen to?


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