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> Did Page dye his hair?

Page doesn't really strike me as the type to invest heavily in appearances.

> it's a bit shocking that a 39-year-old would have hair that gray.

shrug maybe. I've had significant gray hair in my beard since I was 19 or so & my uncles were both bald by 25. Weirder things have happened.

> I guess even running a wildly successful company is stressful.

Probably more so than a failure. At least failures end :-P Having had recently to negotiate various potential outcomes in parallel, with nothing but upside all around, I couldn't believe how incredibly stressful it can be. It's an odd thought to find yourself wishing for (startup) death, to make the stress go away. However, on the other side, most of that type of stress is self-imposed. Maybe the same thing that made him so successful is what made his hair go gray...

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