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I have to say, if Microsoft were to come out with an entirely new operating system based on the ideas behind Singularity and BeOS/Haiku, it would be game changing. Competitors like OS X wouldn't be able to match it for security and responsiveness. Everything, even including significant parts of the kernel could be implemented in C#.

Imagine something with the productivity leverage of the old Lisp machines, backed by a corporation the size of Microsoft. (People used to ask how big the development team was behind the Symbolics Lisp machine, and their jaws would drop when they found out it was an order of magnitude or two smaller than they thought.)

I agree, but I suspect it won't happen any time soon, unfortunately. Microsoft's strength has always been its backwards-compatibility with earlier software. They'll need at least a couple versions to get over Vista's stigma, caused in no small part by the lack of drivers. I doubt they're in a hurry to require another set of driver rewrites.

OSX doesn't match Win32 for security now, so I'm not sure this would be the category-killer you think it would be.

OSX doesn't match now, but it's lagging behind in the same league. Security wise, Singularity is in another league entirely.

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