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I just tried them. They said the best quote was Geico, for $410/six months. I went to Geico's site, and it came to more than $600/six months.

This much discrepancy doesn't bode well.

What I would love to see is a button, so that it'll take me to Geico's site with the exact same quote (all the information filled in).

Hehe, we'd love to see that button too, but that's what we got in trouble for the first time!

Also, _please_ email us at sayhi at leaky dot com with the email address you used on the site so that we can look into it; that difference is well outside of the norm.

EDIT: Thanks for emailing us and including screenshots. As discussed, we've already identified a few issues (we blame Geico's website), and have added it to the list of test cases for further testing.

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