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Thanks! Who'd have thought someone would say that an insurance comparison site has a 'fun to use' interface!

We run lots of randomized test cases for our accuracy, if your prices have been off by more than 3% - please email us at sayhi@leaky.com with the email address you used on the site. We'll (anonymously) add you to our test cases.

Accuracy is a big focus for us; for example, when we added Esurance, it tested within a 1% margin of error in 87% of cases, and within a 2% margin in most of the rest. (We'll be releasing our accuracy data in a later post!)

I can't wait to see the accuracy data. As an insurance industry veteran, it's frankly shocking to me that you could average better than +/- 20% using filed rates.

I'm especially curious how you are getting within 1-3% on Progressive's rates without running their proprietary credit model.

I would guess they are really +/- 50% for Progressive because credit really does play a large part. I can't imagine they won't get sued again by these companies for falsely posting their rates as higher, so that they can sell more policies with the companies that actually pay them.

I would assume that they are testing their accuracy only via these insurers websites, not real policies. Going through geico's site, it doesn't seem to need any credit/real identification, so they probably aren't running a credit model (at least to get to an estimated quote).

What sort of data are you looking for if I was to email the prices. My old insurance is through progressive and leaky was around $350 more than what I am currently paying. While geico was much closer. Is there a form? Or just use what I got on the other sites and paste them accordingly to to leaky's estimated prices?

We'll check your entries to make sure that we've mapped everything correctly (zip code, vehicles, etc.). If there are any date-related fields (like speeding tickets) or discounts, we'll check those to make sure we've correctly applied each carrier's rules. We do this all anonymously, of course.

The only thing we need to do this is just to have the e-mail address that you used on leaky.com and we'll do the rest. So _please_ email us at sayhi at leaky dot com so that we can correct your results.

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