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Thanks! (and I think they're #3, but considering how much smaller they are than most of the insurance companies - they're doing a pretty good job)

Is it reasonable to consider them separately from Allstate?

Hybrid. Appears they'll operate separately but All State will play a big role in improving their pricing and claims process.

Should be interesting to see how Allstate balances Esurance pricing versus pricing through their traditional captive agent base.

I think so - at least for now. Heck, I'd imagine that's a significant reason that Allstate ended up acquiring them. In any event, the pricing structures are different so it still makes sense to compare them separately.

Sorry, I was talking more about calling them a relatively small company. Considering the products separately makes sense.

Ah, hehe, yeah. That comes from comments I've heard from some of their employees about how well they've done against their competitors given their 'relatively smaller' resources/teams/ad spend.

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