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HN Meetup Munich: May 2012
20 points by HSO on May 22, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments
It's HN Munich Meetup time again.

  Date:       Thu 31 May 2012
  Time:       19:00 -- open-ended
  Location:   Reitmor 3
              Reitmorstrasse 3
              80538 Munich
If you'd like to present something, please give advance notice for planning. There is a beamer but keep in mind that people will be drinking beer while you talk.

If you are (part of) a startup, company, or financier, this is an excellent opportunity to step in front of the HN Munich community.

For questions or suggestions, contact us at hnmunichmeetups@gmail.com.

See you soon,


PS: Please leave a comment indicating whether you're coming so we can get a rough idea how many. Thx.

Looking forward.

If anyone is interested, I was recently in Mountain View for buddycloud's YC interview and can describe the preparation and process and interview.

very interested. thx!!!

Great, thanks for setting this up again! Will definitely be there.

I'll try to make it this time. Thanks for dropping me an email!

Cannot attend but are many German meetups held in German/English? Ie could you get by with speaking English only?

I can't generalize on "many German meetups", but at this specific meetup series, conversation tends to be in english.

I'll definitely try to make it this time.

Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. I'll be joining this evening. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

And yet again, trying to make it! Hopefully it works out the third time...

I'll probably be there as well.

Will try to attend.

will be there! Thanks for organizing :-)

will likely be there as well.

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