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You can use http://www.google.com/ncr if you don't want localisation..

By using that, you wouldn't exactly be making a statement against all this bullshit localization and forced redirection to local sites, with results in local languages preferred to the stuff I'm actually searching for.

If I wanted to go to www.gooogle.MYCOUNTRYCODE I would have gone there, and not www.google.com. The fact that google seems to forget these settings between Firefox sessions as well pissed me off enough to just set this up.

I guess I'm a stubborn bastard that way, but I thought others might enjoy the service too. It comes neatly with a opensearch provider to replace google so that it's next to no work doing the switch.

On a privacy plus side, this is a google-proxy which sends out none of your confidential data and requires no cookies, and hence leaves your search anonymized, although that is more of a side-effect than any specifically desired feature on my part.

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