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Esperto Medical | https://esperto.health | Los Angeles Area | Hybrid In-office | Senior FPGA/Firmware Engineer

We're building a medical device that allows us to measure BP continuously, in real time. (We're a Caltech spin-out and found some new physics that we want to get to market.)


  - Experience with FPGAs / FPGA integration
  - Experience with Linux on an embedded system
  - Have dealt with real-time systems
  - Experienced in Rust / Python
.. but honestly, if you can tell me what a GPIO is and how it relates to the userspace I/O driver, we'll probably get along.

Here's the official job listing: https://esperto.health/careers/sr_firmware.html

If you think this is interesting, email me, I'm the CTO: raymond.jimenez@esperto.health

Hi Raymond, your first link Esperto.medical isn’t working. I also sent an email about the algorithms engineer position on your site if you want me to CC you too.

Thanks, updated! Please do CC me, as then I can vouch for where you came from :)

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