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"My essage to companies building applications on top of MongoDB: assigned smart people to MongoDB and don't leave the database work to people that can hardly spell their name or that can just count to three. Yes, this paragraph is harsh and does not comply with diversity but it is true and reality. The number of people that should not do any database related work, people without reasonable background, people lacking basic skills in understanding databases is extraordinary high."

Isn't that true for any database? What point are you trying to make? That a large MySQL deployment can be flawlessly be maintained by people that can "hardly spell their name"?

I also like "essage" and "assigned smart people" instead of "assign smart people" in a sentence talking about intelligence and spelling. He's probably not a native speaker but that only excuses the second bit, and only partly.

Yes it turns out that to operate a DB, you do need DBAs.

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