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@taze There is a way. It's called noscript. Does a terrific job of staying on top of issues like this.

Also because of this example I went one step further and used AdBlock to block any iframe with a facebook url.

@general The facebook button (at least in firefox) doesn't change to the hand icon when hovering over the link. So, fail. I wouldn't click a link where the cursor didn't change. Mostly, because when it doesn't change I immediately become suspicious.

As someone who's lazy with AdBlock (subscribe, forget): Can you share that rule?

Hey. Sorry for a majorly delayed response. Looks like I have two rules for this. They might be able to be optimized into one, but - I'm lazy too.



edit: Note - you need the 'Element Hiding Helper' that goes with Adblock Plus to do this. Then you can just use that to select the iframe on a site and add the rule through a nicer interface.

I meant what Facebook could do, not you personally.

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