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Just wondering out loud and not exactly on topic:

I wonder if the gist of the problem is that those folks who do real original blog writing spend "too much" time on that and not enough on promoting it, then folks who are focused on making money do what you are complaining about by basically reversing their priorities and investing their time in packaging and promoting.

I kind of wonder that because I write original content, fairly regularly in recent months, but that has not resulted in an uptick in traffic nor an uptick in revenue. So I am now also trying to figure out how to promote my work, do SEO...blah blah blah in addition to doing the writing. I'm pretty frustrated at my situation generally and it is all the more frustrating to see you basically promoting TNW yet again by calling them out on something you disapprove of while I can't get any mention anywhere by anyone.

Which is to say that like it or not, it works -- even you are driving traffic to their site by bitching about it instead of finding actual original content to submit to HN, which would be a small step in the right direction and the antidote to the problem if more widely adopted.

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