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Ask HN: How to create a buzz for an iphone app
6 points by xackpot 1714 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite
I will be releasing my iphone app as soon as it is approved by Apple. How and when do you guys think I should release it to the world. From the statistics point of view, most of the apps are downloaded on the weekends, so I am gonna target one of the weekends for the release, but do I need to create any buzz around it before the release or should I just put it live and then do the marketing. How did you guys handle the release of your apps?


Thanks much. That's quite a bunch of information. I will surely go through it.

This is how I think it should be done:

1. Make a really good app. 2. Write a blog about it. 3. Promote the app on Twitter, FaceBook etc ... 4. Answer to all user complaints and solve any bug they found for free (update the app). 5. Repeat.

Thanks, that is what I plan to do. Is there anything different you would do to promote you app. Would you promote and build an impetus before the app is released or would you launch a campaign after you have released?

How you gonna get traffic to that blog? How you gonna get people to listen to you in Twitter? How you gonna answer user complaints if there's no users?

If you have good content on your website you will have readers (and Twitter followers etc..). Obviously you should write about something related to iOS development and games.

Take this website for example:


After you will launch your application you will have user complaints, don't worry.

so you buy into the 'if you build it (blog, app, whatever), they will come' philosophy? because having good content doesn't magically bring in visitors

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