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I was talking to a friend in HR and finance at a company. He has some processes they go through for placing bids with customers that are horrible and based on people copying and pasting lines from one word document into lines in another. That's the way their core business is done. Copy and pasting. Yes, it's inaccurate. Yes, the sales guys sometimes for get to update all the documents with copying and pasting causing large business problems. I have repeatedly tried to convince him: "Write an excel document with a few macros!" Their bottom line would profit from such a spreadsheet. He just doesn't have the minimal knowledge he needs to do it.

Best part: he works at a technology company, with a technical staff. That makes millions and millions of dollars a year.

I appreciate Jeff's sentiment, but he's missing the huge swath of people that could benefit from just a little (admittedly not great and half broken) programming knowledge.

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