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I write code slower than my typing speed anyway. This sort of typing efficiency obsession leads people to use dvorak or crazy non-standard keyboards. No thanks, not worth caring about.

I don't understand why people wouldn't be obsessed with typing efficiency.

Granted you don't need to type all that fast for programming. However I do have to type full-speed when writing documentation, composing an e-mail, working on a presentation, etc.

Not to mention Dvorak and "crazy non-standard keyboards" demonstrably reduce RSI, which is a far greater benefit than typing speed. (Unless you like having disgusting chemical compounds injected into your wrists; or want your wrist cut open so that doctors can work on some of the most delicate tissues in the body.)

Yes I rather thing that the writer has a bit too much time on his hands

Maybe because he's eliminated all that time wasted by typing underscores.

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