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>Wtf? Since when did bloat make code "secure and perfomant" ?

WTF? Since when one reads the phrase "Some problems are just hard, and you'll want as much code as is necessary to make it secure and performant." and deduces (who knows by what logic) that the guy means _bloat_ and not _necessary_ code (error checking, code for handling corner cases, etc)?

Not to mention that bloat is a silly term used by non-programmers to mean "this program is large" or "I don't use that feature, so it must weight down the program needlessly".

That is, people who don't understand that features they don't make use of (e.g the full text search capability of MySQL) are not even loaded from disk by the OS in the first place, or that most of the size of a large program like Office is not comliled code but assets (graphical etc).

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