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Show HN: Curl2Url (curl2url.com)
12 points by kujaomega 87 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments

It needs to be more explicit that it is a curl invocation as a service. I was close to giving up and flagging because i didn't understood what this website does.

Also, what does "Run request on demand" mean? How is that demand determined?

It's fairly self explanatory if you try it. The generated page has a button you click to run the request, rather than just running as soon as it loads.

Thank you for the feedback

Market forces presumably /s

It would be interesting to add "Use cases" section as I had to check HN comments to grasp what the service actually does.

Question: how is your service different than generating a request from curl in Postman, saving it, then using?

The difference is that the Curl call is made in a remote server. Similar to a Proxy, but I suppose the proxy is configured at this website rather than the callsite.

yeah I get it, but why? I can get a VPS and run a curl there, without bandwidth limits.

Well, for me it was faster to select a proxy location with a dropdown, and this makes it easier to run curls from phone

Yes, you are right

Nice simple tool, we have to be careful that URL can contain sensitive data

Yes, you can share the URL with who you want or keep it for yourself

What does this do? It should really be explained on the site.

It's funny, I thought the name would be self-explanatory. It converts curl commands to URLs. Thanks for the feedback

Why using a hash for url instead of url query parameters?

Using location hash minimizes the risk of accidental activation by automated scanners if the URL is logged somehow, as it requires using a browser for JavaScript to read it.

My guess is it's shorter and easier to share.

Why no proxies?

Proxies are only available for registered users

Isn't it already a proxy for bypassing browser restrictions?

A backend service runs requests, and that backend service can use proxies

That is awesome. I've always wanted to be able to access URLs from my browser. /s

In all seriousness, I'm sure there is a use case for this, but is is not at all self-evident, so you probably need to explain why you built this. Or maybe that is what is in the video, but people aren't going to watch a video if the top of the page doesn't already grab them in some way.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the initial use cases are explained on the video, I tried to condense all information in one minute, but I plan to add more key features. You are right, top page isn't catchy, I'll think about it

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