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The performance is beyond terrible.

I have a Galaxy S, which is not the fastest phone in the world, but if I get a notification that someone has commented on my post or something, it can literally take minutes for the FB app to:

- Start when I click the notification

- Replace the pointless blank screen with my timeline (not that I wanted that, I wanted the notification) and the now-red notification bar

- After tapping the notification icon in the FB app (the second time I've now indicated I want to read the notification) watching the little bubble appear and wait for it to be populated with notifications

- Once it's populated, tap the notification I want (3rd indication now), and wait for that page to load.

Each of these on a 3G NZ mobile network can take 10s of seconds to complete. All the while I can't use my phone for anything else, or indeed let the screen go black and lock, because that will often drop me out of the particular step I'm up to (this may be more my phone than fb, I'm not sure of the internals).

Thinking purely as a user and ignoring the technical issues, there is something very wrong somewhere when it takes a few seconds to start a youtube video streaming but it takes a minute to view my friends 6 word sardonic reply to my kitten picture.

The FB app experience is pretty awful on Windows Phone as well. Made tolerable only because there's a better app built into the contacts list (as part of the Me panel). One thing I really miss is being able to Like comments on a post (can only like the post) and being able to see who liked a comment (can only see that someone did).

The FB app on WebOS was bloody perfect. So many things WebOS did right... I miss that platform.

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