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Although I agree with the Facebook App sucking (and seeming to get worse and worse), I do feel like the article is a bit misguided. I don't give 100% blame to UIWebView and no-Nitro simply because the entire way Facebook has developed the mobile app has been hacky and misguided.

The code itself is poorly designed, the API's are all over the place, there are inconsistencies everywhere and the performance is clearly lacking. On the flip side, take a loop at the LinkedIn app for iPhone. It's super slick, easy to use but still has a ton of features and the performance is far better. Yes, it's not as slick as Path but its miles ahead of the Facebook app.

So if I were Facebook, I'd rely a bit less on the 100% platform agnostic approach, take it back a bit and build the things that make sense cross-platform with HTML and build the parts separately that make sense to build using native code. This approach to me accomplishes much of the same cross platform success without creating such a crappy and laggy app.

yes, the new LinkedIn app on the iPad is gorgeous, performs really well and apparently is mostly made out of HTML5. They use local storage to cache data, FB app does not do that. http://engineering.linkedin.com/mobile/linkedin-ipad-using-l...

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