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push notification and uploading photos are probably the only reasons I use the facebook app. I also think they have a nice UI ideas in the app, it just doesn't work that well. but for example Twitter app is far more superior than the mobile site (I think)

Really? The Twitter app on Android is a webview as well and it also sucks.

What? No I really don't think it is. If you are right though, they've done a great job to make it seem like it's not.

Webview can be done quite well if it is done correctly. Did you know that most everything in individual messages in the Gmail app on Android is done with a webview?

The reason it is fast though, is it is not loading that webview from a website, but building it from data locally. That gives it a native app speed.

On the other hand, the original Google+ release for the iPhone was bad because it was pretty much a webview downloaded on demand too.

Facebook is just loading it on demand basically as a webpage.

So it's possible Twitter is using a webview, but downloading the data separately for speed.

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