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mvkel 701 days ago | link | parent

"why it's bad," followed by great reasons FOR it.

Fizzer 701 days ago | link

Most of the reasons they presented for it were reasons that benefited the developer, not the user. I assume the headline is referring to why it's bad for the user.


msgilligan 701 days ago | link

The reasons for it are valid and it is possible to get that benefit to the developer with a better user experience -- See the comment (above) about the LinkedIn app for an example of an app that makes both users and developers happy.


dirkdk 701 days ago | link

yep, that's the issue. with all technology you have to balance the pros and cons for the user and developer. Path took 100 % the user as focus point, Facebook a bit more the developer


gurkendoktor 701 days ago | link

iOS developers are certainly expensive. But if you have to balance 500 million users and a single development team, I don't think anything less than 100% on the user makes sense.


msrpotus 701 days ago | link

They don't talk about it in the article but the app is also just generally buggy.


pjmlp 701 days ago | link

That is why the future belongs to native applications, the consumers are finally realized how this web everywhere sucks and is only able to deliver half-baked experiences.


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