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Actually, people should vote on ideas, not people.

Problem there is that there is no such thing as a person who holds every single one of your views. By voting for the guy who, say, believes the internet should be hands off, you could also be voting for a guy who believes something like abortion is eeeeeevil, or that fiat money is bad, or that minorities should be marginalized, what have you.

Hence the voting for people, since you have to choose which of the pluses and minuses are more important to you.

But that is exactly my point. Choosing a single representative for all your believes, be it a person or party, is stupid, for the reasons you presented. That's why we should vote on ideas. Technology can and will enable this, and we should try to embrace that. Sure, the powers that be might not like being made obsolete through technological advancements[1], so we've got more than just a few battles ahead of us, but I'm positive we can pull through. You ultimately can't fight progress, and that's a good thing.

[1]: Best current example: The copyright industry and their increasingly desperate death throes.

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