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> Isn't this result exactly what we would want and hope for in a system of governance?

It's all too little too late - after most of Greece's public assets have already been plundered by the the ECB and the IMF. We wanted that result 3 years ago - not now. A country can be ruined in 4 years.

Should we really need to wait until a country has become so fucked beyond repair that we can protest it by "punishing the main parties"? It doesn't matter who you vote for in the end, the government still gets in!

While 'democracy' isn't inherently the problem, our current interpretation of it is. It goes as follows: Some men in suits make up lots of lies to gain your votes. After they get power, they ignore all their promises and usually do the opposite. If you don't like it, tough - come back in 4-5 years.

We don't really have any democracies (rule of the mob), we have rule of the representatives. The flaw is that they don't represent the mob, they represent their own parties. The concept of a political party is undemocratic. If you vote for a representative in your constituency, he should be voting as his constituents want, not how his party tells him to. (And moreover, if this doesn't happen, you shouldn't need to wait 4 years to give him the boot)

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