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A Mystery Solved: "Fake Steve" Blogger Comes Clean - New York Times (nytimes.com)
10 points by joshwa on Aug 5, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

This was so much more fun when it could still possibly be the man himself....

indeed. The blog was really a good read sometimes.

That fake steve got up in rankings on most important tech people is proof of that :)

Go go New York Times

"The book, in part, led to Mr. Lyons's unmasking. Last year, his agent showed the manuscript to several book publishers and told them the anonymous author was a published novelist and writer for a major business magazine. The New York Times found Mr. Lyons by looking for writers who fit those two criteria, and then by comparing the writing of "Fake Steve" to a blog Mr. Lyons writes in his own name, called Floating Point (floatingpoint.wordpress.com)."

The NYT also gets to IM the man himself.

"[Steve Jobs] said in an instant message conversation that he had no interest in reading Mr. Lyons's novel. "

Here's the crazy thing for me: I know Dan Lyons. Or, I knew him a few years ago. Here I am, a huge FSJ fan. I have the t-shirts. The RSS feed is on my google home. And not for a moment did I suspect it was Dan.

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