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Facebook deliberately bans Grooveshark from its services (arstechnica.com)
29 points by Natsu on May 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I'd always avoided using Facebook to sign into any third party service due to privacy concerns (and eventually deleted my Facebook account altogether). But this is another good reason not to that I had never even really considered before. I wonder what will happen to user data for Facebook users... Will Grooveshark be able to let those users create a new local account and somehow tie their old data to it? Seems unlikely to me.

I never understood the one account to rule them all mindset. It drives me nuts when my wife uses the same password for every service she ever signs up for, and it seems that using the same account for everything is only mildly better (reduces the recovery time if your password is compromised to updating a single account instead of dozens).

Thank goodness for KeePass and random password generators!

What Facebook giveth, Facebook can taketh away.

Exactly, my website was ranked 420th in France by alexia. Then facebook decided to close my application and to ban my domain from using their API. And now I'm nothing.


Adding Facebook as your sign-on adds another significant point of failure.

Not if you also ask for the user email though the Facebook API. In this case people can get access by getting a password reset sent to their email. This is what Grooveshark is doing right now and what most people using Facebook for signing in do too.

GrooveShark must be the most legally attacked business ever. I'm surprised they haven't gone down. I still pay the monthly $3 plan, just to do my part keeping them afloat, even though I rarely use it these days.

Hey ricardobeat, Grooveshark developer here. Thanks for the support! It just so happens that we're currently making an effort to reach out to users who haven't been back in a while to find out why and see if there is anything we could do to improve the service. If you'd like to contribute your thoughts, just shoot an email over to support@grooveshark.com


I spend about half my time in other music services (Turntable.fm, Last.fm, Spotify, etc.). What I would really like to see is better playlist import/export capability. For instance, I would love to have the same songs available whether I'm spinning in Turntable or just playing music for myself.

I realize that by the nature of the problem, you can only fulfill half of it. I also know that it's probably a pipe dream since lock-in is so valuable, but that is what I would really like to see from my music services.

Thanks for the feedback. One of our other developers created http://groovebackup.com/ to make exporting playlists easier. It's not officially supported, but it should get the job done. :) Another dev was working on playlist importing as a side project but I think it fell by the wayside.

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