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Querying and manipulating millions of rows. Basic usage of Excel doesn't work well there, in my experience.

The technique I've used in the past is to use SQL to query and output the data I need, then manipulate it in Excel. I'll leave it open that I'm not good enough with Excel, but I find MySQL query language more powerful for filtering, grouping, etc. However, there are a few too many steps in there, and it's not something I'll be teaching my mother. Someone actually has to set up the database, and that's no cake walk for the lay person.

Now, I'm going to take a guess that you're implying that Excel already has these features, to which I'll answer: possibly, but nobody I know is using them. That's why I think it's a large market.

But hey, if you know a solution off the top of your head, let me know. I'm always looking!

No, I don't think Excel already has those features. It's an open question how to do it in a way that the average spreadsheet user will find intuitive. Sounds like you have some opinions about that, as do I. But it looks like these guys have a useful product and I don't want to hijack their thread. If you want to discuss it offline my email is in my profile.

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