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oh I was doing that while reading the AMA. the giveaway is being the 4th customer of a bank that provides HBCI:

> My bank had around 20,000 customers using smsTAN and 3 (I was the 4th lol) using HBCI.

He is German, of college age and an early customer at one of 2 or 3 banks that provide HBCI. Consider him nailed.

I also bet he has published security related work under his real name at some point, especially since he has been applying for jobs. Most people in the security industry applying for legit work who don't have qualifications pad out their resumes with online research (or speaking at conferences, etc.).

I really hope I never make enemies with anyone around here.

I think Hackernews has 220000 registered users. You are one of them.

You have 17 bits left. Use them wisely.

This is fallicious. Anyone can register for an account. Knowing someone is on HN only gives enough information, that said person is in the 'HN demographic'. Just because he happened to register for an account, vs someone similar who didn't, does not give us the amount of entropy removal you implied.

Since the GGP is easily googleable he actually has 0 bits left, but you are correct about the math.

Studying engineering, there probably is a list floating around of German universities that have an engineering program.

Most German banks have been providing HBCI for over a decade, so that doesn't really narrow it down.

Well it does provide some parameters - but he claims to be a student, so unlikely to be one of the first HBCI users 10+ years ago ...

He's probably lying too.

he removed that maybe you should too


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