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Awesome Summer Internship: Front-end and iOS engineers needed to hack education
on May 11, 2012 | hide
Looking to help create an awesome, meaningful product this summer?

Like the idea of living / working in a Palo Alto hacker mansion?




We're a YC S12 startup making it easier for modern technology to get in the classroom.

Steve Jobs described education as one of the biggest frontiers still untouched by modern technology. We're trying to change that by solving some of the big, hairy data problems in edtech.




We're hiring for 2 summer positions: iOS engineer & front-end dev. The requirements to apply are:

1) Must have experience as a front-end dev (HTML/CSS/Javascript) or building great iOS apps

2) Can point us to other cool or beautiful things you've built

3) Can relocate to Palo Alto for 10 or more weeks this summer




* We'll put you up for the summer in our hacker mansion (pool, bbq, pool table etc.)

* $10k summer stipend

* If you're interested in getting involved in the YC scene, we'll bring you to office hours, all the social events, and intro you to anyone you'd like to meet.

* Unlimited Amazon.com credit for books (we love learning new things)




To apply, email us at hackedu2012@gmail.com. Please include a resume and/or your github profile.

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