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This isn't what you think it is. It's definitely not an excel competitor. It feels like a cross between an Access and a Salesforce competitor.

It looks like you're close to making a good product. But you're at 90%.

Basically I tried creating a little app and it's very painful. I don't believe you've sat with a user and watched them try to create an app without you intervening and giving guidance.

So sit down with some real users and watch them try to use it. Your front page claims install>customize>import. It doesn't work like that at all. It was confusing. For example the upload excel img looks like it's a button. It's not. When I did manage to create an app I first tried editing the cells directly, but they're not cells like excel. Eventually I realized I had to add a textbox, which was also confusing as the width kept changing and I couldn't stop it. At about this point I gave up. Then got hit with multiple alerts when I tried to close the pages.

Then tried to save it.

The most confusing save mechanism I've ever come across.

Tried to just close the page again. Multiple warnings again.


And calm. I'm in the process of stopping smoking so my temper is a little, hmm, Hulkish.

I decided to try again while writing this using the import excel function. It didn't work from the front page at all as you had to already have a project (why?). When I tried to do it via the upload the open file dialog never opened. I gave up again.

Also find someone who knows something about sales and marketing. There's not even a CTA button on the homepage to signup. The copy is terrible. You've made the mistake of going typical corporate million page website which doesn't actually tell me anything at all. The order of the home page is all wrong (you should not be leading with the app concept which doesn't actually seem to be in the product). You're making the mistake of selling features, not benefits.

I'd personally spend a little more time so the sales website didn't look like bootstrap (the irony being you don't even seem to be using bootstrap).

As I said, good, but no cigar yet.

Thanks, very useful comment, and I apologize for the confusion that you experienced.

Right now most of the Ragic developers first go through 2 hours of training before they start building. So they kind of know what the basics process are.

We are in the transition process trying to move from a tool that we personally teach developers how to use, to a self help type of product that developers can start by themselves. Functions like drag and drop add fields are added just this month.

I will certainly find a group of users, sit by them one by one to make our learning process a lot smoother. Again, sorry for the confusion. I think I will certainly post again after we tune the process. The HN posting feedback is really helpful.

I'm curious how many of you there are? As you should try getting funding if there's only a couple of you and you're attempting to bootstrap, get a good UX guy and really try to hit the ball out the park.

There's definitely a market for something like this and personally I think Salesforce is a overcharging by a lot and the field is ripe.

Ignore the thing about the guy moaning about $19.95 p/m.

Right now most of the Ragic developers first go through 2 hours of training before they start building.

That's a lot of friction to overcome! I suspect there's about between 2 and 3 orders of magnitude ratio for Ragic user-developer's ramp-up time and Ragic developer's time to reduce it.

There are 4 of us, and some of us are doing projects using Ragic so that we have the money to survive. We are currently self-funded.

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