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If it's not too late, I think you should consider a name revamp. I get that you want to convey the speed and power/ease/fluidity of your application, but the truncation + concatenation of those two words ends up not bringing either of those words to mind. I don't blame you if English is not your first language; but this is a case where the combo does not work because you've combined two unrecognizable parts of two words to create a third unrecognizable word.

As someone said earlier, people are much more likely to think of "tragic." Actually, I think they'll think of "rage", which is an emotion that you most definitely do not want associated with your software.

Given that you aren't even getting the connotation of "rapid"/"magic", you're better off using an arbitrary word.

For Arrested Development fans, think of the combo-profession of "Analyst" + "Therapist".

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