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Enhance OSX Finder (win-vector.com)
20 points by jmount 1624 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite

Wow - small world. I wrote the second hint on OS X hints over a decade ago and had forgotten about it myself, and now here I am reading it on HN!

Incidentally, you can do the inverse (open a Finder window for the current Terminal directory) with:

   open .
Nice article - thanks for reminding me, and for the other tip. :)

Since this is super handy, I will go off-topic and post the Windows equivalent:

    start .
You can even type something like:

    start mypicture.jpg
To open it in the default picture viewer.

Thanks, and thanks for the tips. Those finder buttons are some of my favorite things now.

I love TotalFinder, http://totalfinder.binaryage.com/ , which adds Chrome tabs to finder, dual folder view and other nice things.

I'd love to use that, and a few years ago I did use something like it, but found it was't very stable.

Do you find TotalFinder stable / memory friendly?

I use TotalFinder, but it is quite unstable in my experience. I probably restart it weekly, just due to some drag and drop nonsense that it didn't know how to handle. Don't get me wrong: I really like TotalFinder, but the stability is improving too slowly to make me really happy with it.

The early versions were crashing every few folders, but it's fairly stable now, with the occasional graphic lag between converting from Finder to tabbed Finder on boot.

Alternatively, you can hold Cmd and double click a folder to open in a new window.

In addition, i find adding your editor of choice to the finder toolbar quite handy (open current folder in editor). Here is the applescript i use to open in sublime text - https://gist.github.com/1541764

You can easily modify the above to fit your editor of choice.

Regarding the second hint in the OP, namely,

>create a button that open a new terminal shell at the current finder location

as of Lion, another way to do it (a way that does not require creating a button) is to drag the folder icon in the Finder's title bar onto Terminal's dock icon.

Hate that sort of UI that combines safe operations with operations that cause changes. To wit: if you accidentally drop the folder on your way to the dock, you just moved it to the desktop.

This is fantastic. I use better touch tool which allows you to create keyboard shortcuts, so in finder I can hit command+t to open a terminal in the current finder folder. I love it.

I've tried a few Finder replacements over the course of several years, and stuck with http://cocoatech.com/pathfinder/

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