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Anyone else stop reading after seeing the lowest tier was $19.95/month?

Maybe I'm just a cheapskate...

Compare to http://quickbase.intuit.com/online-database/plans-and-pricin... : starting at only $299/month for up to 10 people, for up to 25k records (converted into size actually, so upload one big field to kill 10% of that quota).

I guess it depends on which kind of business are they after.

I didn't stop reading, but it feels like too high (for lowest tier).

I think there should at least be a FREE tier which allows 1 or 2 forms. Once someone sees the value, they'll jump for more.

I understand that textual data is light, but 250MB seems quite low given current costs of hard drive storage.

Why the user limit too? Your costs seem to be in data transfer/storage.

The user limit is to segment large user sites from small user sites. We assume larger users sites have more budget.

But we seem to need a cheaper plan designed for developers and geeks so that they can play around Ragic with minimal investment.

It seems to me you might want a free plan suited to app development but not production use (e.g. something that doesn't keep data long-term) to encourage more people to develop for your platform.

Pricing has always been a big topic of discussion inside our team. Would really like to know what kind of pricing would keep you or anyone else reading this comment interested.

Let us know when you have the absolutely free, extremely light, developer/farting around tier - that isn't a trial.

I may get 2-3 days in the next 30 where I can take some serious time with it - by the time I have any traction, the trial will have ended.

That's exactly what happens to me in every single 30 day trial. I sign-up, real-life intrudes, later I remember the damn thing and find my trial has expired.

Luckily most trials are keyed on email address so it's hardly a difficult thing to get round. (shhhhhhh! don't spoil the party)

>Maybe I'm just a cheapskate...

Nah, just that your time is worthless.

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