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Hey thanks! I really appreciate this, my English is not all that good.

Front page grammatical issues: "Most of the apps in our library is free" should be "...are free"

Anyway I haven't tried your products, but I'm very positive about what you're trying to do. The HN community is so comfortable with programming that they'll connect less with the value of this concept than many, so take their comments with a grain of salt. For the countless people out there who feel constrained by their knowledge of spreadsheets --- useful but limited in scale --- this could be very useful, if done right

Ragic Builder features page has a few mistakes in the feature banner. Fixes in [] below:

DB Apps. Exactly [what] you need. Now. Businesses don't need hundreds of unneeded* fields and functions that [are] suppose[d] to cover the need[s] of every company. Ragic delivers your DB apps exactly [the] way you want, fast.

* unneeded isn't required here since it's already implied that these fields and functions are unneeded when you say "Businesses don't need.."

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