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New website with freebies - Design it & Code it (designitcodeit.com)
39 points by Idered 1902 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

I can easily see this as being the beginnings of a great community. Everything I've clicked on has appealed to me.

"That's neat". "Ah, that's cool".

I'm an experienced developer, but I still have those moments where I can't quite be bothered to reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch in creating something I'm sure exists elsewhere. I also have no problem in contributing some of my "cool snippets" back.

Few comments also.

[1] Licencing. Your licencing page should be more expansive. While I'm sure you intend total free use, specifically saying something is creative commons will really help. Currently you have "All resources on this website are free for use in both personal and commercial projects.". I'd suggest that you licence under https://creativecommons.org/about/cc0

[2] Work on signups as soon as possible. Try and build a community like Dribbble but built around code snippets. Allowing people the ability to even iframe their "jsfiddles" would be a good/quick solution that is "good enough for the moment".

[3] Navigation is tricky. Once you have browsed a single item, it's hard to either, move back to the top item, or move to the next item. Consider implementing some kind of breadcrumb or better to move from snippet to snippet.

I like what you've done. It's simple and attractive.

Thanks for your long and helpful response :] I'll add what you mentioned in 1 and 3.

I already have signup page but it's not public, this project is rather personal and even haven't thought of building community :) But it's not a bad idea, I'll think about it. Thanks

As a minor note, I learnt a new word today:


I really like the simple and clean presentation of the code. I do wonder however if that mode of presentation could scale. How useful will the site be with 300 code snippets?

Later I'll add categories, page with list of all tags, links to prev and next project and some more changes. All those projects are created by me and it probably would take me a couple of years to do 300 projects :)

Love this! I'm a "codecademy graduate" so sites like yours are a huge help!

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