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Anvil (https://anvil.works) | Senior Developer | Cambridge, UK | ONSITE, VISA | Full-time/part-time/flexible

We make an open-source web framework, an online code editor, a GUI builder, and a PaaS hosting platform. Together, you can build and host a full-stack web application - and all you need is a little Python. (Yes, even the client-side code - we compile Python to JS and provide a GUI framework!)

We’re looking for an experienced all-rounder to work on the core Anvil platform, with a focus on the back-end. Our stack is mostly Clojure, Javascript, Python, Postgres, and container tools – but we're looking for someone who isn't afraid to jump into something you haven't used before.

You’ll be working with other seriously good all-rounders, including the founders (relevant PhDs, kernel contributors, builders of backyard dancing fountains) and senior colleagues (eg: a former maths teacher who reverse-engineered our drag'n'drop editor to build more UI components), as well as our other developers and developer advocates. We're bootstrapped and profitable, with a small, smart, friendly and diverse team.

Building dev tools is great! We're solving problems we've experienced ourselves, our customers are developers just like us, and platforms have the most fun engineering problems.

For full job descriptions, and to hear what it's like working here, go to https://anvil.works/jobs.

We work hybrid (in the office Tue-Thu, wherever you like Mon/Fri). If you have questions, I'm a founder and my email's in my profile.

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