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Pinstagram (wired.com)
68 points by earbitscom 1902 days ago | hide | past | web | 38 comments | favorite

"We thought it would be hilarious to combine them because they are two of the hottest and most valuable companies on the planet"

Sigh. Are we really that lodged inside of our own startup bubble?

If by "we", you mean you valley people, then yes.

I see what you did there.

I can't help to disagree with you.. But that's easy when you goto college near Philadelphia and have never been to SV..


Silicon Valley

Not sure why people are so upset about this.

It's a pleasant mashup, nothing more, nothing less. Like sticking Craigslist and Google Maps together. Not going to change the world, but useful to some and a weekend project to show off. The developers themselves are tongue-in-cheek about it, as you could tell from the name alone.

Pek (creator) here. Thanks. We didn't see this as world changing nor are we claiming it is. For those of us who don't use Pinterest or Instagram, of course this will not be useful, but I'm a heavy Instagrammer and was always frustrated that there was no good web interface. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually solving my own problem when we made this as a joke.

I've never logged in to Pinterest, but this is a mighty fine (and incredibly unclunky) web UI for Instagram. Love it.

"useful" is in the eye of the beholder. I find both Pinterest and Instagram to be not useful (to me). Therefore a mashup of the two is simply twice as not useful (to me). But I'm not upset. I actually don't see anyone upset. Seems more like just being tired of hearing about them. And now both at the same time? No thanks

That's actually really funny how throwing two of the hottest startups together works so well. If they can pull off the "this is just a parody and we're not going to make money" angle to avoid a trademark lawsuit, this might be telling us a very similar message to those mashups of California Gurls and [random other trashy pop song that fits the beat perfectly]---that a lot of the more successful startups in the Valley are no longer marks of technological innovation but rather schemes to get rich quick off of the public's inability to sit still without pretty pictures or Farmville type games. I do hope enough of SV is still heading in the SpaceX direction though.

Pinterest's "famous waterfall layout" makes me want to vomit into my own hat. Am I alone here?

No, I loathe it as well. I have been a fan of Masonry[1] since it was released, but I do not find the tiling style appropriate for creating the primary browsing interface. A lot of Pinterest users seem to not mind it though.

[1] http://vanilla-masonry.desandro.com/

I find it pretty effective for rapid consumption of content for which there's no "lossiness" penalty. I can miss or skip images and there's little or no consequence.

My brain processes things linearly, left to right, top to bottom. If I go left to right on row 1 and then left to right on row 2, I do not expect to find elements of row 1 hanging down into row 2. I don't mind tiles and I don't mind liquid layouts that realign tiles depending on page width. But when nearly every tile has a different height, it really messes with my brain. Even the two column Facebook Timeline makes me angry. Both cause my eyes to scan the page in a way that goes against what I've been doing for 30-some-odd-years now.

I agree with you on Facebook's Timeline. That UI doesn't work for me at all.

Interesting that no one's really thought of approaching Instagram's lack of web presence as an opportunity. I suppose it seemed like a bit of a foregone conclusion, like it was one of those products where that solution would be superfluous, but seeing all of the images in the waterfall layout makes a lot of sense, more, arguably, than it does in Facebook or the Instagram app.

You don't have to look far to find similar services that are built on Instagram's API:

* http://instacanv.as

* http://statigr.am

* http://web.stagram.com/

* http://instagrid.me/

* http://instagre.at/

Pinstagram may be new and interesting, but it's hardly the first one to tackle Instagram's lack of web presence...

There've also been desktop apps from Instagram access for over a year now like Carousel (http://carousel.mobelux.com), InstaView (http://www.roguesheep.com/instaview), or InstaDesk (http://www.instadesk-app.com).

I'm the author of InstaDesk, and I've to say that there's always been a solid interest in desktop Instagram access (based on sales), and that it has only gone up since Facebook bought it.

From the article, "Here’s a recipe for success: Take two of the hottest, fastest-growing websites in the world and mash them together."

That's not a recipe for success. Perhaps a recipe for getting a Wired article.

I don't think we are claiming any sort of success here. Getting written up is nice. Is it a successful company? No. Is it a successful "business" no, but then again many companies here in the valley don't seem to be too worried about making money. Was it a good way to spend a weekend? definitely.

The name seems like a trademark infringement suit waiting to happen.

This reveals two things:

1) There's not much unique about any given social site, what drives it is the users and what they post. Sure, delicious is social around bookmarks, reddit is social around links, pinterest is social around visual content, flickr is social around photos, so they have their niche, but the "secret" sauce is the users.

2) The layout, theme, or visual identity of a site is completely arbitrary. There's reason to make it unique as part of branding and (minor) differentiation, but they are just uniquely laid out views of the same (user generated) content.

The ease at which sites can be re-skinned to look like another is the physical manifestation of the "we are the X of Y" start-up meme.

It's interesting to note the change in the tone of comments between a Show HN post and this Wired article:


Yes it's derivative, but it's a fun project that actually is pretty useful. I've logged in a couple of times since I saw it first posted because the way it presents Instagram images is quite engaging. I rarely revisit any of the Show HN projects. This one was an exception.

I'm not sure why there is so much hate for this today as well. To me it seems like a fun simple project that actually manages to make something easier for some people, namely view instagram on their desktop.

I'm curious if this partially comes out of some residual hate on HN for both instagram and pinterest since they are booming at the moment.

famous waterfall interface of pinterest? Isn't it just jquery masonry?

I recall from Economy 101: the economy is moved by incentives..

Incentives in a wanted area cause that area to prosper, taxation causes an unwanted area to slow down.

If a sipmle photoshop-plugin-like application like Instagram is worth U$ 1 billion, then of course you are bound to see 250 clones/mashups/whatever by thursday next week, because U$ 1 with nine zeroes is one heck of an incentive.

The question on my mind is: are these websites worth this? Is a photo sharing app like tens of others out there worth this much? imgur is worth how many billions if instagram is worth a billion?

Give these successes extra thought and you will see like I have that the significance of these services is obvious in a non-obvious way.

The Sign in with Instagram button doesn't work.

Makes me wonder if they actually got their Instagram API key revoked, the Instagram's license terms at http://instagr.am/developer/ clearly say: You cannot use the Instagram name in your application.

I can log in without any problem.

God this is getting tiring. So. Utterly. Tiring.

You're going to get sued by not one, two, massive startups for violating their trademarks...

Brilliant! So many examples of innovative, clean and user friendly interaction design the last days. First swiftype.com, dragondrop (https://shinyplasticbag.com/dragondrop/) and now pinstagram.co.

Verbiage criticism aside, This is actually pretty awesome.

Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

Hi, what technology stack/frameworks did you guys use to build pinstagram?

This is smart.

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