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Show HN: NerdyPigs - cute math game and a GoogleGameJamZurich'11 winner (nerdypigs.com)
3 points by supo 1778 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite

Hi all, just a little context for this little game: - this was mostly hacked during 48h long weekend hackatlon at Google Zurich - there were about 5 teams and jury picked a winner - soon after we bought the domain and released to public - after a brief time we took it offline because we didn't own the code or copyright - couple months later we managed to open-source the code and launch to public again

After some usage (hundreds of games played), we constructed probability-of-passage heatmaps for some of the levels. These can be found here: http://blog.47pixels.com/post/19235814672/nerdy-pigs

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