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Show HN: my weekends fashion project (re.mu)
7 points by puppymaster 1783 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

I see this growing into something if:

-- You remove the profanity from you profile. It takes away from the concept.

-- You allow people to easily share it through a mobile device. Kind of like -(SMS)- "Hey, tell me if you think what Im wearing is hot or not?" (/SMS) Then they include a link to their profile with their clothing combination.

Heck, if I could text my wife and ask her if what I'm wearing is up to modern fashion standards (I can't dress), and share with her a link for her (dis)approval, then my life would be much better. I hate arriving to some family gathering and listening to her say "That's what you wore? The Pac-Man Shirt?"

PS. I love my Pac-Man shirt, but would love to have someone upvote or downvote me wearing it depending on the occasion.

yes mobile is next. the site is all broken in mobile browser as of now. i need to figure out which mobile angle to tackle first come weekend. (app/website/sms).

love the idea of asking for votes for outfit on certain occasions. thanks! related: i am also thinking of adding a new section called 'style' where you can mix and match your items from your collection and ask for votes.

Regarding the voting, I actually had a mobile app idea a while back, that I never got around to coding.

The concept was snapping pictures of clothing through the app, of clothing you want to buy, but couldn't decide on which to buy. Then other people would come in and vote on which piece you should buy. Ideally, you would be able to get feedback/poll results within a few minutes of posting. Of course, this would depend on having a large user base for it work properly.

I don't know how it would fit into what you're doing right now, maybe the same kind of thing but for what you're going to wear today (instead of what you're going to buy).

definitely needs to be close to a real-time voting feedback. I've seen some of my friends shop - they just hop from one store to another in the space of minutes, even if they find things they like.

Haha yeah, real-time for sure. I don't go shopping much myself, but it is something my friends say they would use. Maybe that's why I haven't gotten around to doing it...

If someone were to do something like it, it would definitely be tricky at the start.

this project started at a local hackathon and I spent another 4 or 5 weekends polishing it up. My girlfriend, who I brought along to the event, said she was getting 'tired of her friends asking her what she will be wearing tonight or the brand of the foundation she is using right now'. A digital wardrobe, for the lack of better words.

It was a fun project and some of the early adopters are her friends. both our profiles: http://re.mu/connywu http://re.mu/alvin

I highly recommend bringing your significant other to a hack event.

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