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Ask HN: NCombinator, feedback?
13 points by yakshaving 1987 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
Here's our site: http://ncombinator.com

We're trying to build an "open source ycombinator" that is less about investment, and focuses on the one aspect every YC alumni says is the top advantage of YC: "the network".

Our first post got booted. Another HN reposted it and that got booted too.

So we'd like to ask, what do you hate? (besides the name... which we're changing). Obviously we're big fans of YC's ideas so our goal is purely to spread those ideas farther and wider.


really they got booted? I signed up as soon as I landed on the site, sounds really cool. Why would people hate on this? :(

What do you mean by "got booted"?

The site was hastily taken off the front page...twice. It seems the flagging mechanism has given some users way too much power, or the submission was artificially removed.

So... "flagged off the first page". That is what I thought they meant. But the idiom "getting the boot" generally means being removed or kicked out... which doesn't really apply here. Carry on.

Will this get booted too?

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