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Your *aaS Looks Big - 8/10 companies using multiple clouds (venturebeat.com)
29 points by matellis 1782 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

While it looks beautiful, this is kind of a silly infographic. The data has been collected from https://cloudability.com/, a company that helps you track multiple cloud costs. Why would you be using cloudability if you werent tracking multiple clouds? Thats the whole point of their product.

Cloudability is for much more than just clouds. It's for all the services around it e.g. UserVoice, ZenDesk, Pingdom etc.

Those "services" are delivered as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) aka "Cloud Software".

It looks like there may be some doublecounting involved. If you're using Amazon AWS then does using EC2 and S3 that looks like ti would be counted as 2 services.

Nope, the infographic was based on people using multiple service providers, not services within a provider. You're right though, the terminology is a bit ambiguous.

Love this title. So many bad, uncreative titles. At this one is honest. Albeit in poor taste.

I think they should use the word cloud more. Ridiculous.

Nice to see the spread on multiple Iaas.

Pretty sweet infographic.

I actually think there are massive opportunities for startups in this space.

One of the apps I would have loved is something that can recommend me deployment options that take into account latency e.g. find me a dedicated server that is close to EC2 US-East to pair with my existing instances/SQS. Or where should I put my servers if I need to serve Japan and UK customers from the same servers.

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